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The secret to finding happiness

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Do you even know how to be happy?

You can have all the money in the World but still not be happy...

“Whats the one thing that has the utmost value, is it wealth, is it a big house, lots of cars, a pretty wife NO....”


The one and ultimate challenge is life, is to be free... but to be free we must first establish what it is that is trapping us. Yes finances are important, but how much do you need to really be free? And what is it, that traps us. Worry over money is a trap... if all you do is try to make money for the sake of a dollar amount, you are not free.

So lets make a list of all the types of Freedom...

  1. Financial Freedom - The ability to do what you want, when you want, and never ever have to worry about running out of money.

  2. Freedom of choice - Kinda the same, but if you have someone telling you what to do all the time, you feel trapped

  3. Freedom of Persecution - This can be legal persecution, bullying, an abusive relationship, judgement.

  4. Freedom of Expression - Being able to express yourself.

  5. Freedom of Speech - Doesn't exist... you say the wrong thing and you can be charged, judged, persecuted, so be careful with this one.

Everything you do publicly will be judged by someone, so be very careful with what you say and do. Think it, but don't say it. You want to be free from Judgment, then don't give people anything to Judge, at least anything that could have a negative effect on your well being. Always think back to the lifeguard motto... protect thyself first, to save others.

In the Country where I live, we have a lot of freedoms, but many don't take advantage of them. Your free to travel, free to speak your mind, share thoughts. But not free to do anything that you want.

So now lets make a list of things that can Trap us...

  1. Prosecuted for a Crime - you got to jail, and now have a permanent record, not only are you trapped for a sentence, when you get out, you are still trapped by judgment.

  2. Addiction - an addiction traps us like a master pulling the strings, we expend time and money on something so unhealthy, to the point it takes your life.

  3. Capitalism - the need to have everything, bankrupts so many, that they can never truly ever just enjoy what they have.

  4. Financial Dept - being broke means you will work 9-5 until the day you die... and never be free.

More to come...

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