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Biden Knows best

Biden is trying to push the narrative, based on data in the last 30 seconds of this dieing whale we call an economy, that things are fine, we are bang on and not to worry about a recession. But very few agree with grandpa, and think its all "Gas Lighting"...

Jay Zhao-Murray, currency analyst, Monex Canada

“With evidence from the Bank of Canada’s consumer and business surveys indicating that discretionary spending, hiring intentions, and investment intentions are only set to decline further, we anticipate that the economy will enter a somewhat more pronounced recession around the start of 2024, which would put pressure on the Bank of Canada to begin cutting rates before the (United States) Federal Reserve.

So are we in a Recession? Does it matter? yes it does greatly. You can stick your head in the sand as most do, and trust the Gov, or read everything you can get your hands on and make an educated decision. That's what it boils down to.

Banks are laying off, as well as tech, and dozens of other companies, making employment numbers today look stupid. Millions are mortgages set to reset including Variable rate mortgages, why is that a problem? Because when they reset, many will find their payments increase, based on qualifications. And the fixed rate people? Well in Canada, there is really no such thing as a fixed rate mortgage, as you only get to "Fix" a rate for 5 years and then it resets. Unlike the US, we do not have 30 year terms... Canadian Banks always look out for themselves, which is why the are cutting on risk. Upping rates to match bond yields, and hording cash to weather a potential Housing tsunami.

No wonder grandpas ratings are crap, but what's the alternative? Not much. Politics and Economies may very well collide next year in some very stunning ways... I can't wait. Who needs Melrose Place when you have US Politics to watch. And then you throw a pig in the pool when it gets a little dull ( aka Recession) and let the fun begin... don't change that channel, the show is about to begin...

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