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It Came Out Of Nowhere... Canada Inflation Rate down to 2.9%

No it didn't, I have written here, and now I stand corrected, "The Fed and BOC are taking a small snapshot of the Economy, and trying to predict the Future"

And that tends to never work out too well in the end.

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Canada Inflation Rate Drops

The latest report, now completely reverses the common mantra, that inflation is back, and prices, stocks, and gas, will keep rising forever.

"Economists were expecting the rate to come in at 3.3 per cent." – Jenna Benchetrit CBC News

Canada Inflation Rate, And what it means... if Anything?

Maybe nothing, Like I have said in previous posts, you can't predict the future based on fibonnaci numbers, and myoptic financial stats, that change on a month by month basis. You need to look at the long term effects that have been put in place, and to the past economic cycles, and even then, it only gives you a hint, or possiblility.

Marketeer's have been caught with their pants down. Well thats for sure, at least today, tommorrow may be a different story... next month we could see inflation rise again.

Interest Rate Hikes May be Finally Having some Effect. This is more likely to be the case, but it would seem like the Credit Crisis, The Housing Crisis, the Dot Com Boom, and getting rich on Marijauna stocks, its not what people want to hear, so don't go there.

Markets Are Happy

For the most part, even with a dip today, the Lords of Flatbush are all tickled pink with this, and predict markets will head higher in the coming weeks. Again, we don't wanna hear any bad news, why can't you all just ... Be Happy.

But the public... not so. Only the people with investment portfolios are happy, the boomers, and the savers, making 5% on a GIC, and seeing a 25% rise in their retirement fund, but that only accounts for about 48% of working Canadians who actually have savings.

"In the face of rising consumer prices, close to half (44%) of Canadians in 2022 were very concerned about their ability to meet day-to-day expenses." – Stats Canada

So how do you think these people feel now, or in 6 months from now? This latest stat may be welcome for markets, but as the article explains, it is still not changing the attitudes of the BOC or FED. Wait until June, which is better than July, but that will not help in the immediate future.

Only time will tell, but I am not holding my breath, or waiting for the BOC to save us from ourselves. Markets will play out, they rise, they fall. But we stay the course, not worried about day to day fluctuations and political grenades spoiling our plans.

Rates will drop, eventually, water finds its own level. How fast and how much, we don't know, but then, do we care? Bonds will increase in value, so a rebalance to bonds, which was considered stupid in 2022, is now on the table. GIC's are pushing 5%, a great way to fund that cash cushion you will need in a year, or 2 years. And Stocks are up. What could be better?

My mantra is to be Reactionairy, not speculative. Stay the course, keep a long term plan of rebalancing, diversification, and dollar cost averaging. Sleep at night knowing nothing has changed.

And don't even ask me about Bitcoin, or Nvidia... Or for that matter... Trumps golden High Tops...

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"Economists were expecting the rate to come in at 3.3 per cent." – Jenna Benchetrit CBC News

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