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My Crystal Ball or Yours?

Trying to predict the future of this Economy, is like staring into a crystal ball, and what does it show you ? Not a god damb thing...

Hands Holding a Crystal Ball
My Crystal Ball


On the good side Markets are up...

There is more optimism in the markets, racing higher and everything being just fine. Amazing how the Feds got it right this time, they should all slap themselves on the back until their wrists hurt.

“Panelists are more optimistic about the outlook for the domestic economy,’’ Sam Khater – chief economist Freddie Mac

On The Bad SiDE people Are Getting Their Layoff Notices

"The technology sector, which accounted for the highest number of layoffs across industries, has seen 34,000 job cuts in 141 firms so far this year, according to tracking website" (Reuters)

Banks, are shoreing up the windows for a storm, and yes, the big Seven are pulling up the markets, oh, the same companies that are shedding employess like fur coats in Narnia, try and make sense of that, and local real estate is loading up with properties, as noted in this local report from the Real Estate Board, lets wait for the stat from Febuary, and see if this spring market takes off.

victoria real estate board Jan report
vreb stats

So Speculate All You Want, Or stare Into Your Crystal Ball

But its not gonna help you, we have to ride this one out baby.I suggest putting the voodoo trinkets, and crystal balls back on the shelf, and get some decent defensive financial advice from a good advisor, and not the NL@TB.

And then theres this guy...

Okay, he wins the Bob Smith Doom and Gloom award... go for it Mr Rosenberg, we will see in 6 months if your Voodoo fibonachi system can predit the future.

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