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How to Get Rich, and you don't Even Need To Lift a Finger

You can trust me really... its like Magic, you just pay me the money, follow my magic sure fire method, and bingo bango your rich... easy peasy...

Rich guy drinking wine
Wow, its good to be Rich

Tip #1 -get rich, by Becoming a Drop Shipper

"There are two ways to get started in dropshipping: You can start an online store from scratch or purchase one that's already earning a monthly income and scale it up from there. 

Here's a simple guide to building a new dropshipping business:"

  1. Research and select a profitable, high-ticket dropshipping niche.

  2. Build your store on an ecommerce platform like Shopify. (This is much easier than you think. It's little harder than building a Facebook page.)

  3. Research and secure product suppliers.

  4. Use things like ads, blog content, and emails to bring visitors to your store and keep them coming back.

  5. Analyze the visitor data to fine-tune your sales strategies.

  6. Hire outsourced workers as needed to create a more semi-passive income.

"Using this strategy, I earn about $10,000 a month in online income. Of course, you won't make the same amount off the bat, but here's a way you could realistically earn thousands of dollars a month relatively quickly. "

Tip #2 - Pull Out All of Your Remaining Hair Trying to Make this Work

Only to Realized its actually a lot of hard work and you have been sold a bill of goods...

"It takes hard work to produce results, no matter what field you endevour to jump into" – Me... I just said this

Tip #3 - Read This Blog

I am really trying to save you some time and headaches, its not that simple. Embellishement or Con, you decide. And if you take a training course and get somethign out of it, well good on you. I can suggest several that I would recommend, but most of this is just Hype. How do I know?

I am doing some of this right now, and let me tell you, if you've been following along at all, you will get the picture.

"For the Average Joe, this stuff is not as simple as it sounds" – again, I am quoting myself

So if you found this site, wade thru the crap that I have written to get an idea of what this is like. I am a year into it, and so far, I'm not making any money, so how is it so simple? If it was all this simple anybody could do it...

That said, people are doing it, but it takes time, perseverance, a certain skill set, or sheer desperation. And most of all, a passion for what your doing. If this is somethign you really don't want to do, you will never push yourself hard enough to accomplish it. Your wasting your time, when you could be doing something else.

Use you time wisely, you don't have as much as you think...

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