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Where do we go from here?

Sounds like an Alan Parsons song doesn't it? But its what this site is all about, where do you go from here on your Digital Journey. Up until now I have just been dumping thoughts that come to mind, but now its time to create a format for the getover60, one that will attract visitors and ... do something, so lets jump into it...

Content - its all about content. Why do people access sites, news, videos, shopping etc. Because its entertaining. You need to "GET" something out of the interaction, serve a purpose in somebody's life, be entertaining. And for that we need great content. But what is content?????? Content is everything you can possibly imagine. All of the above and more.

Videos, email broadcasts, vlogs, blog posts, podcasts, you name it... all created and distributed across multiple streams and Social Media platforms. So here we go... my plan for getover60, and a major portion of my time in retirement.

  1. Define a structure - This blog will be the focal point for what I do, and it may encompass many things. Thats ok, but I need to build in some seperation, so I want to divide into several headings including...

  2. Track progress in a notebook, and write about it - Right now, its all over the place, and I feel I am being spread thin. I need to organize my process and concentrate on a few things including what I want to accomplish. Some of the things I want to do are the following:

Too ambitious, or not enough.... dunno, but you gotta do something, and I don't plan to just sit in front of Netflix's and die...

I created a video on youtube, about how NOT to install cam seals, and the remarks gave me this idea, post the good and the bad, make it to the point and watchable, as the information has value. Me learning from my mistakes, is as valuable as the final product, which is coaching somebody thru a process, and pretending to be an expert.

So lets get too it...

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