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Where to begin? How to Start a Blog

Updated: Feb 9

Well, here seems to be a good place? but.... I have one question... where the hell am I ?

As far as i can tell, I have started a Wix web page, and know nothing about Wix or what it can do, and that is the exact point... ok let me explain... does anybody really know how to start a blog ?

Getover60, is me getting over 60, both in terms of age, and the reality that I am 60 years old and haven't a clue what I want to do. But my quest is to leverage my existing knowledge of IT, my desire to communicate, my skill set as a Consultant, and hopefully I can find a way to make some money at it.

Ok I don't have to do this, I will have enough money when I retire in a year, but its about what I Want to do, not what I HAVE to do. And isn't this where we all should be ? What are the things you love to do? If you could map out a day, what would it look like? And don't consider money at this point, just imagine you have an unlimited pension... what do you see yourself doing... this should be your ultimate goal, but alas most of us cannot reach this pinnacle in our lives without ample financial support, so we have to also build in to our dream our financial plan.

My plan for Getover60 is to concentrate on the following aspects of over 60 life.

  1. The side hustle - develop ideas for side hustle that generate income, both online, and off, but mostly online.

  2. Create posts on my financial journey as it may be, ups and downs, success's and failures, no I don't pretend to be a financial analyst, but I am somewhat successful

  3. Travel and combine this with my digital domain, both for fun and some monetary gain.

  4. Create a discussion among people about life after 60, how to do it, what to expect, things to think about.

And I am sure I will have lots more ideas as time goes by... but right now, I have to get back to work... yes a real job... I barely have time to spell check this post, let alone learn WIX.

More to come...

justy jensen healey
One Rusty Jensen Healey

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