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Don't like what you see? wait an hour...

For months all eyes have been straining on the microeconomics of day to day changes, and reacting accordingly, making predictions based on the moment, only to have their ass's handed to them the next day. And now this...

Analysts were so sure, a week ago rates are going to jack up again, because there are so many jobs out there... but that was last weeks news. It takes time to turn the ship, this has been my message for months, and now it seems to be working, but give it time people. This is also just a snapshot moment. We need to wait this out, there is no quick fix as FED and BOC are trying to push, and nobody really knows the actual outcome.

However this is good news for us that believe a Recession of some kind is looming, rates will come down, and some form of normal will eventually solidify, but we're not there yet.

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