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Down the rabbit hole

Hey, whats the plan here? Why am I even doing this? A. Because once I retire (next year) I will be bored to tears and need a way to fill my time. So its time to jump down the Rabbit hole. The goal has always been to transition to a writing, blogging, music career, and live off my meager pension while that comes to fruition, it it ever does. So its time to "shit or get off the pot". So how do we do this... ah we need a plan...

  1. Content is king, before you can sell something, you have to have something to sell, so this is why I have concentrated on my "Brand" and what the content of this blog will be. Hopefully it sparks an interest, time will tell.

  2. Dont worry about categorizing content for now, worry about that later once you have created a lot of content, it will sort of grow organically.

  3. Legitimize the site. And to do this we need to do 4 things:

a) Get a paid subscription to WIX (the platform that this blog is built on)

b) Link to url (you need to pay to do this)

c) Link the site to Google crawler and complete the SEO (also need to pay)

d) Start an Ad campaign to attract subscriptions

And document the whole process, creating some how to videos of everything we accomplish. This is the Rabbit hole. I find I get lost on these sites, and the terms and techniques can be overwhelming, so I get out a piece of paper, and document the process. The good news is, everything is there for you to succeed, in all these platforms they leave tutorials and hints at how to accomplish what you want, but it still isn't easy. It takes time to go down each rabbit hole and figure it out.

Its gonna take some time, but thats all right, once I retire... I will have a lot more of that. You wanna come with me? Lets go...

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