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Rabbit Hole #2 SEO#1

Updated: Jan 18

Rabbit Hole #2 SEO
Two Rabbits for the price of one

I could just start with the SEO tips from WIX, but found this article so would like to follow it down and see what happens first. So what is it telling me...

Google Search Console, and Google Analytics, ok I have that but can't say I really understand a lot of it... lets go take a look, I followed the instructions to add so what does it tell me... well all I see is a whole bunch of Zeros... and this is the problem.

Back the truck up a bit, I sent an affiliate request to Best Buy, as I like some of their products, but guess what... it was refused. And so will every other request I send, why? I don't have any traffic. Lets lets read on and see if there is a way to create "Organic" traffic.

Organic traffic are people that see your page in search engines, and connect, hopefully leaving an email that we can then market to. I will cover off other methods as well such as paid advertising in another thread.

Google Analytics... I think I did this but not sure...

yes, I did and the basics here are ....

once you’ve mastered the basics of SEO using it, you know enough about the art and science of SEO that you can use anything. You’re ready to get into some more robust shit.

Yes, but this is different than Google Console

The Google Search Console (GSC) platform allows you to control how the crawlers and bots interact with your site. Using GSC you can see what Google ‘sees.’

Ok, now I am confused... lets read on, how do we use this crap? Back to Paul...

more than enough to help you run informed and effective SEO campaigns

And thats it... so we will have to find a tutorial on GSC and Google Analytics, and find out more, at least they are working but not sure what its telling me... another hole for another time... Oh, and you cant get to them from you Google Account, or can you? I just bookmark the links above, but what do I know...

next is Semrush, this I have used to find keywords, but its a little more complex than that...

'there is a whole shit load of different types of "Key Words"

you need to rank for Commercial and Transactional keywords.

it will show you a few dozen related search terms related to this topic, any of which can help you craft strong SEO content that locks into what people are searching for

Ok, put that away for later, still without screwing with it, and figuring out how it works, its not gonna help.

Ahrefs - is all about somethign called "Backlinks" these are links that people place in their stories and pages leading to you, and your content, and this is what you want.

  • Analyzing sites

  • Finding link-building opportunities

  • Looking at competing sites.

  • can help you generate new content ideas and find high quality sites to get it posted

Ok, but how do you get these sites to post your link?

Screaming Frog - webcrawler

As this you need to download ,and we have other tools to try first, lets put a pin on it for now

Oxygen - web designer that does SEO really good

true, but you gotta pay for it, so not today, we need to learn how to crawl first...

So today we learned:

  • there are some great tools that can help you with your SEO

  • we have no clue how to use them

  • we need to create 4 todos from this lesson (branch rabbit holes from this one)

  • reasarch how to use Google Console

  • same for Google Analytics

  • same for Ahrefs

How long did we spend? About 3 hours over 2 days, ok not bad so on to the next adventure, lets find more info on SEO, and investigate the 4 tools above.

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