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If a tree falls in the forest

I am from a mill town, worked in a mill, worked in IT for the mills, and many of my friends still work in the Industry. But I now live in a big city, far away from the problem, as do millions of others. But for years now, the BC lumber industry has been in decline, its a triple thread, mismanaged by our own government. Renewable? ya... in 100 years... its not like growing potatoes in the Fraser Valley, a recovery takes decades, not months.

Beetle kill at rampant levels, forest fires amassing larger and larger tolls, and now the Bank of Canada completely ignoring the housing industry in favor of beating inflation to death. Every small town outside of Vancouver is dependent on lumber to survive, this has been the backbone of BC for the last 100 years.

So how are they doing ? This link tells it all, but how about Williams Lake, Quesnel, 100 Mile, Kamloops. Not good, lets come back in 3 months time... Pulp mills are shutting down, due to lack of fiber, effecting the economy of Quesnel, Port Alberni, and Kamloops, so do these people have the means to keep paying their mortgage, and the current higher prices? We will see...

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