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So, there are sites on Retiring early, sites on how to get rich, sites for all kinds of stuff, but this site is all about what to do once you reach 60. So what am I doing and how? Lets look at the outline shall we?

  1. I have turned 60 (hurray) and looking towards retirement in 1 - 2 years

  2. Built a small portfolio using direct investing, dollar cost averaging, rebalancing and tax advantaged accounts.

  3. Invested in career, now in a senior position, able to save a portion of my salary

  4. Good pension benefit, I will receive about $3500/month at 62

  5. CPP (Canada Pension Plan) will receive about $1000 at age 65

  6. RRSP/TFSA Currently $300,000 will net about $600/month, I will use this to bridge until 65, then collect CPP.

  7. House is currently valued at $1,100,000 from $440,000 in 2012

  8. Mortgage - yes, I have a mortgage, why?

a) was tired of renting, getting kicked out, rents going up

b) a mortage is inflation adverse, and I am not the first to state this (more later)

c) I can rent rooms without asking permission

d) My house value has DOUBLED in the 12 years I have owned it.

Okay, so what is all great, but can I live on that, and pay the mortgage, and do the stuff i want? Well, its a hell of a lot easier to quit your job and try something new, when you have money to do it. I can remember getting layed off in 1982, living on Unemployment cheques, until they ran out, and standing in the Welfare office with my application in hand. I tore it in half, took my last $20, and put gas in my 73 Cuda. Drove to the next large city, and started handing out Resumes... it was out of sheer desperation, I didn't even have enough gas money to get home, and slept in my car. That is not today, and I was adamant, I would never live hand to mouth ever again. I learned to save. I learned to invest. I learned to live within my means, and in turn, Live Well Within My Means... the tile of my other site by the way.

And lets talk about arbitrage.

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