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More bad news

A sign of the times? The tech giant San Fran is crumbling, but the key take away here is money... these companies have figured out, "Nobody wants to live in San Francisco, as its too dambed expensive" And in fact, you can live anywhere now, and still do the same job. Tech pioneers are finally winning out over the arcane employment practices dictated by boomer managers of the 18th Century, come on people, get with the 90's already.

Money money money, all of these companies are laying off workers, and trimming their budgets, a sign of the times people, this started in the Pandemic, and will not end well for commercial real estate, especially Trump International (ok that is another story). So look what's happening in the streets, and stop listening the the Fed count unemployment numbers. Measuring unemployment checks today is meaningless, it tells us nothing... look at the trend... that points the way forward. I think somehow the numbers are getting skewed, which means we are getting screwed, as in interest rates and bond yields thru the roof, all to crash the economy... well my feeling is, they are going to succeed at some point. 3 months from now things may be completely different.

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