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rate cut ?

"The Bank of Canada expects housing costs to drive inflation for the next six months. Dejsardins forecasts concur, showing that shelter will weigh heavily on inflation well into 2024. But because shelter costs can only improve with an increase in housing supply, which will take some time to achieve," - Really? The last 2 housing downturns had nothing to do with people, it had to do with a credit crisis and a housing bubble, which is what we have today, so don't believe everything that you read.

“The fact that central bankers view this as a supply problem, not a demand issue which they can control, is key to understanding why governor (Tiff) Macklem finally said what we’ve been forecasting for some time: the central bank will not wait for reported inflation to reach two per cent to cut interest rates,” - Well then what will it take? Millions of Mortgage defaults? People lined up in the streets begging for food?

"The annual rate of inflation slowed in October , coming in at 3.1 per cent versus 3.8 in Sept." - ok thats a big jump in one month, could it be after 7 months of drastic cuts, its finally having some effect?

"Still, if the labour market reaches an unemployment rate of 6.5 per cent and inflation eases to around three per cent, Desjardins expects the Bank of Canada to cut interest rates in the first half of 2024. Both those criteria could be met as early as April" Some say we are already close to this, as these stats do not factor in the rise in population from unskilled immigrants coming in via refuge status, and annual immigration numbers of 500,000 per year

"Currently, annual immigration in Canada amounts to around 500,000 new immigrants – one of the highest rates per population of any country in the world. As of 2022, there were more than eight million immigrants with permanent residence living in Canada - roughly 20 percent of the total Canadian population."

Lets just try and get thru Christmas shall we?

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