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What a Day

Could it be true, on the same day that the grandest Cult Leader Donald Trump was convicted of 34 criminal counts, we find out inflation is in check, and rates will start to drop.

Oh and Robert Pickton dies today...

I don't think anybody really morns his death, but he is one more soul under god... best guess is hes fanning the flames somewhere down below.

And... I have decided, its just not worth it. Its time to go. The level of stupid, and my finances are almost at an equalibrium, combined with my age and physical ability? Money, carreer, stature just doesn't matter anymore. So the countdown has begun, and for you the reader its great, that means a lot more of this same kinda shit will be coming your way.

Am I disappointed at this point my only clients are my grandma, and a few lunatics from San Quentin ? No not at all.

I still have my health, and a lot more. I grew up in Burnaby, along side Micheal J Fox, we sat together in Geography, and went on band trips... not important. Mike Fox is the exact same age as me, 63, we are one month apart, and we lived 10 blocks away from each other. He is famous and rich, I am not. He has extreme Parkinsons, I do not.

So who would you rather be? I am happy with my lot in life, and he apparently is happy with his according to his book "Lucky Man" which I still need to read.

So lets stick a pin in this day and come back to it... the skys still the limit, and anything can happen. 314 days to go... but whos counting ? me damb it... thats who.

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